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Pro Tip: Power Automate Teams and Outlook

As a part of the Microsoft Office suite, we have access to a wide range of tools. Standard and well known software like Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and more, can be found and maintained by managing your Microsoft Office account in your web browser.  One unique and powerful resource you may find useful is Power Automate. 

Power Automate is a tool that connects Microsoft Office suite apps. You can watch a short video about Power Automate herePower Automate has a variety of connectors and templates that allow you to streamline recurring tasks and those that follow a specific set of rules. Here are a few examples:  

Set a reminder to follow up on a Teams message

If you’re receiving numerous Teams messages everyday, this connector helps you organize them by allowing you to set a reminder on specific messages that you deem important. Once you have enabled it, click on the ellipsis on the message in Teams, select “More Actions,” and then Follow up on message. Power Automate will then give a dialogue box allowing you to select when to be reminded of a message. 

Track Microsoft Forms response in Excel and notify through Teams and email

The next time you think about making a Google Form, consider using Microsoft Forms Power Automate and Teams. This connector joins the submissions from a Microsoft Form, collects them into an online Excel spreadsheet, and then posts the submission to a Teams channel. You can also have it sent to a specific email address. 

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