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Pro Tip: Difference Between Team Chats and Channels

Team Channels  

A team channel is best used for a dedicated, ongoing, purpose with many different topics related to a Team’s overall goal. If you have a large organization talking about separate topics, that are related to a similar function, we recommend you create a channel. Channels are also searchable and can be made public to the organization for people to join on their own. 

When you post to a channel, you are creating a conversation. You can set the topic and title of that conversation. Team members will respond to that individual thread and will only be notified when tagged directly. 

Group Chats 

A group chat is best used for discussions that are related to a specific project or a small group that involves only a few stakeholders. Group chats are best for one time, casual discussions with less than 10 people. Group chats are not searchable and you need to invite people to the chat in order to join.  When you post to a group chat, everyone in the chat is notified of the message. 

If you would like to learn more about how to use teams, channels and group chats, you can review these trainings in Ed App. 

  1. Microsoft Teams: Files Chats and Calls
  2. Microsoft Teams: Mobile App

Too Long; Didn’t Read

A channel is good for large teams that have many different topics of discussion because you can create threads of conversation and keep notifications to a minimum. A group chat is best suited for smaller groups with a specific focus area, notifications are sent for every message, so these groups will create more noise for the participants.

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