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November Employee of the Month - Collaboration

Thank you to all that voted for this month’s Employee of the Month! This month’s Employee of the Month contest was based around the core value, Collaboration. Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something, or the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. 

Congratulations to our winners! Thank you for exemplifying Collaboration and being all-around great employees. We will reach out to you next week to provide you with your $25 credit to the E-store. Also, for our Temecula and HQ winners, go ahead and start enjoying those front row parking spots! 

This month our CHAMPION OF THE MONTH is…(drum roll please) Josh Buck! Congrats, Josh, you will be eligible to win the Employee of the Year title and will receive a $50 credit to our E-store. Now, let’s find out our branch Employee of the Month winners. 

Austin: Stephen Roberts

“Stephen is reliable and a great site surveyor. He communicates extremely well with the team, has never missed a job and has uploaded every single one of his jobs the same day. His work ethic helps speed up the process for the rest of the team down the line.”

Bay Area: Josh Wilson

“We had a high number of code reds and scheduling issues and Josh always made himself available to address the issue from start to finish!”

Chicago: Nicole Czmiel

“She has gone above and beyond her role, and is willing to learn and take on new tasks to help the branch. She is always offering to help out and work with any and all departments. She works very well with the team and is a huge asset to the Chicago branch and Freedom as a whole.”

 Dallas: Lucas Santos

“Lucas is dedicated as the leader on his team, if a mistake is made, correction and learning from the mistake are a guarantee.”

Denver: Zacharee Meeks

“Zacharee is new to the branch and came in with such a great attitude and work ethic!”

Fort Lauderdale: Lawrence Espinal

“Lawrence is always willing to travel to other offices and help them. He loves to train other crews and build them up.” 

Fresno: Manuel Lopez

Manuel is a great roof lead and goes above and beyond to assist others when needed!”

Houston: Yasir Ali

“He is the Most Helpful and thorough guy. Willing to do anything and always checks with people when he comes across something unusual to check on it. Great attitude. and keeps us rolling in the Warehouse.”

HQ: Daniel Rainbow

“Daniel is always so happy to help, no matter how busy he is. He's a great problem solver, and has tons of patience. He goes above and beyond not just for his teammates, but the Sales team as well.”

Las Vegas: Gerell Hall

“Gerell has been a great collaborator to Freedom Forever. He brings knowledge to the table and people love working with him. He has guided his team to be effective in judging how long it will take them to get something done and then manage their schedule to deliver on time.”

Los Angeles: Alvin Gomez

“Awesome person to work with a great attitude and overall very productive employee!” 

Moorestown: James Galea

“James is willing to do whatever is asked of him at any time. He helps many different people in the office get tasks done during the day. He never hesitates to pick up the phone to get an answer or offer a hand to fix an issue. James is a helping hand and works hard to make our office run smoothly every day.”

Orlando: Josh Buck

“Josh goes above and beyond to collaborate with the different departments associated with survey. Working with design, CR, Installation providing real-time feedback and advice on demand, Josh is setting the example in the South East with his efforts eliminating unnecessary rework, design changes, re-permitting, etc. A great leader and teammate.” 

Phoenix: Bryan Stephens

“Bryan "Gator" goes above the call of duty and always keeps other teams in the loop to ensure projects are moving forward and install ready! He has a team spirit and he is not afraid to take on a new task. Gator is a great collaborator!”

Sacramento: Matthew Wilcox

“Matthew has been an excellent asset to the service and inspections team! He has really collaborated with all the necessary parties to single-handedly hold that department down!”

Salt Lake City: Kelly Clark

“She's always working with others to get faster timelines in order to keep accounts moving.”

San Antonio: Jacob Cantu

“Going above and beyond to get the job done!”

South Shore: Haley Bourne

“Haley is new to the solar world and let me tell you-she is killing it! She learned so much in such a short time. She has an amazing worth ethic and is eager to keep learning! We are lucky to have her on our team!” 

Temecula: Jenna Haslam

“Came in and immediately started working well with the group here in Temecula. Hard charger and always looking for work, pushing her fellow employees to greatness.”

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