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May Employee of the Month - Integrity

Thank you to all that voted for this month’s Employee of the Month! This month’s Employee of the Month contest was based around one of our seven core values, Integrity. As a reminder, Freedom Forever’s meaning of Integrity is the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. This means being honest and having strong moral principles.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for exemplifying integrity in all that you do!

Arizona: Angela Conway

“Angela portrays these qualities as she is always so sweet, yet honest and helpful to get the job done. She is always willing to help or go the extra mile to get a project completed!”

Bay Area: Adam Draper

“Reliable service tech with great follow through and communication”

Bright Solar: Chris Tamburrelli

“Chris is always ready and willing to help out, and is one of the most honest guys I have ever met.”

Colorado: Freddy Blanco

“He always works hard to do the right thing and never takes short cuts, he looks for quality in his work and will ensure that it is right”

Dallas: Austin Radford

“Austin never complains when we ask the impossible of him, he just does it with a smile on his face and makes the magic happen. I can always count on him to make sure the job is done promptly and correctly. We are lucky to have him!”

Florida: Jonathan Kosin 

“Very dedicated to his quality. Always sees it though to the end.”

Fresno: Lesette Gonzalez

“Her integrity is second to none! Great attitude no matter the situation, work ethic is amazing, pride in everything she does, just a great asset to our team, really enjoy working with her”

Houston: Patricia Torres

“As Permit Coordinator, Patty handles all of our permit needs. She makes sure to dot every "I" and cross every "T". Our Branch would not be as successful as it is without her dedication and integrity to get the job done.”

HQ: Julie Isen

“Julie has more integrity than anyone I know. She's honest, moral, and is the hardest worker as well. Julie always thinks about others before herself.”

Illinois: Greg Vasilion

“Greg has strong moral principles. He is always honest and upfront in a very respectful professional way.”

Las Vegas: Alejandra Oliveros

“She embodies perfect excellence in keeping up with new company standards and helping everyone understand/perform at their highest level.”

Sacramento: Tristan Jefferson

“Exemplifies integrity with a commitment to completing the job with the highest level of quality. Always goes the extra mile to ensure the client is satisfied. Great attitude and professionalism. Takes ownership of all projects and committed to improving Freedom's quality”

Salt Lake City: Josh Labarre

“He never cuts corners, if he knows something isn't right he has the integrity to make sure that it gets resolved correctly.”

Temecula: Joshua Pogue 

“Joshua is quick to help out where ever he is needed. He very knowledgeable, and a hard worker.”

Lastly, the GRAND SUPREME WINNER is Chris Tamburrelli!

As a reminder, we are currently unable to accept orders from our eStore, due to the Coronavirus, but the winners will receive their $25 E-store credit once operations are back to normal! Our Grand Supreme Winner will also receive their $50 E-store credit. Amanda Grant will reach out to you when we have more information. 


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