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May Employee of the Month - Collaboration

This month’s Employee of the Month contest was based around the core value, Collaboration. Collaboration is the act of working together to produce or create something in an efficient and effective way. Congratulations to our winners and thank you for and being all-around great employees. We will reach out to you this week to provide you with your $25 credit to the Marketplace.

Austin: Zavion Thomas

Bay Area: Justin Emana

Chicago: Jeffrey Dillon

Dallas: Luis Dejesus

Denver: Dylan Devries

El Paso: Alexy Huerta

Fort Lauderdale: Ruben Ponce

Fresno: Tyson Hooten

Greenville: Jeremy Goldman

Houston: Stanley O'Bryant

HQ: Janet Gomez

Las Vegas: Stacie Padilla

Los Angeles: Kevin Frost

North Phoenix: Jamie Ellison

North Shore: Caleb Cantrell

Orange County: Ryan Anderson

Orlando: Jamie Vadnal

Phoenix: Ricardo Lopez

Sacramento: Orion Wulf

Salt Lake City: Alex Cole Brown

San Antonio: Pedro Jimenez Jr

Sarasota: Paul Elmes

South Jersey: Darius Anderson

South Shore: Aaron Birkett

Temecula: Melvin Moon

Tucson: Jesus Gonzalez

Western, MA: Josh Gibbs

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