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July Employee of the Month - Safety

Thank you to all that voted for this month’s Employee of the Month! This month’s Employee of the Month contest was based around the core value, safety. As we foster a culture of care and community, we take every precaution to ensure each team member remains healthy and safe to continue adding value to themselves and the team. 

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for practicing safety and being all-around amazing team members!

Arizona: David Casas

“He is enthusiastic about being safe on the roof and making sure everyone drinks enough water.”

Bay Area: Michael Fye

“He has handled multiple escalation service calls all over Bay Region and resolved all of them perfectly.”

Colorado: Nathan Thomas

“His nickname is Safety Nate. He sets the example for the entire crew.”

Dallas: Adrian Guzman

“Helpful anytime install or service is in a pinch and has not turned down a weekend call out yet!”

Florida: Mikel Wentworth

“He is known for his prioritization of safety above both quality and efficiency at times which they cannot exist (e.g. FL storms)”

Fresno: Ruben Rodriguez 

“Ruben shows daily that safety is the utmost importance for himself and his crew. He makes sure his crew is following Freedom’s safety guidelines at every job. He ensures that the site safety plan is completed each day. Ruben is a perfect example of what a crew lead should do day in and day out.”

Houston: Rob Barnett

“Rob not only runs our Safety Meetings every week, but he also sets the standard and culture of safety in our branch.”

HQ: Ray Yokshas

“He always goes above and beyond to help anyone in regards to safety. Always has a smile and is eager to answer any questions!”

Illinois: James Patrick

“I have no doubt that he will be the guiding light to create a culture of safety at the Branch. He prepares thorough toolbox talks himself, in addition to Freedom’s criteria, and he’s focused on working in the field with the employees to show them how it’s done instead of telling them how it’s done. He’s a true leader and an awesome addition to Freedom’s team.”

Las Vegas: Mario Paulo

“Mario always ensures our staff is equipped to be able to perform in our daily tasks with safety in his mind.”

Los Angeles: Kyle Stupplebeen

“Kyle is always good energy and is killing it at his job. He brings a positive atmosphere in the office and I’m glad he’s a part of our team.”

Sacramento: Erick Torres

“Erick is constantly practicing OSHA safety rules and guidelines. He is vigilant when operating the forklift in the warehouse.”

Salt Lake City: Ian Short

This Site Auditor is the epitome of safety, every day I go through audit photos and I have never once seen him skip or miss a safety photo. He follows the regulations to a T, this fellow is OSHA Approved.”

Temecula: Tyler Kennedy

“Since Tyler joined the team back in March he has given nothing but his all to the Service department. From day one he has come with a ready to work attitude and is always willing to know more. When approached with a problem he will have the answer or out of his way to find it.”

Lastly, the CHAMPION OF THE MONTH is Ray Yokshas! Congrats Ray, you will be eligible to win the Employee of the Year title (more info to come soon) and will receive a $50 credit to our E-store. 

For all of our other winners, we will reach out to you next week to provide you with your $25 credit to the E-store. Also for our Temecula and HQ winners, go ahead and start enjoying those front row parking spots!

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