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Updating your Paycheck Stub Preferences

So. Much. Paper!

According to the EPA, the United States uses about 69 million tons of paper and paperboard per year. It takes about 24 trees to create one ton of paper, so we’re talking about 1,656,000,000 trees per year destroyed to create paper in just one year for the United States. It’s important to know that the small decisions we make can have a large impact! Electing to receive your paycheck stubs electronically, rather than a paper check is one small action each and every one of us can do to positively impact our environment. 

How to update your paycheck preferences

Below, please see your step-by-step guide for updating your paycheck stub preferences
  1. Login to your Paycom
  2. Under the Payroll dropdown, select 'View Pay Stubs'
  3. At the top there should be a notice to update your preferences (please see screenshot below) 
  4. When you click to update, you should be able to elect to receive a digital version of your pay stubs, instead of a paper version.


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