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Roof Leak Process

We would like to ensure everyone at Freedom Forever understands our current roof leak process.  

What do I do if there’s a roof leak?

Projects experiencing roof leaks should be escalated immediately to the Escalations Department where an Escalations Specialist will quickly work on resolving the matter appropriately. Service should also be notified so they can schedule a technician to go out and assess the roof leak as soon as possible. This is outlined in the roof leak SOP, which goes through a step-by-step guide on the correct process for roof leaks. 

Read the roof leak SOP 

Who do I contact if there’s a roof leak?

We created a flow chart to help you better understand the major steps in the roof leak process, who to contact, and when to contact them. Escalations and Service should be notified immediately. Customer Support is readily available during their normal weekday and weekend hours. We also have an Escalation Specialist on call during the weekend ready to help on an emergency basis so there is always someone there to help you! We ask that you still tag Escalations in the Podio project for tracking purposes.

See the flow chart

How do I submit a ticket to Escalations?

Submitting a ticket to Escalations is an important part of the roof leak process and it is imperative that you understand how to submit a ticket properly. This process has been outlined in the guidelines below. 

Check out the guidelines

If you have any questions on the process outlined here, please reach out to Thank you for your help in ensuring our roof leak process is a smooth one. 

See all roof leak documents

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