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Mental Health Tips During this Pandemic

It’s pretty safe to say that nobody could have predicted what we are all experiencing right now. Never have so many things all come to a sudden stop. The Coronavirus has literally changed everything. This virus not only attacks the respiratory system but also has created devastating effects on the worldwide economy. On top of all that, COVID-19 seems to also kill any plans you might have had that involved being around other people for the next few months. So how can you stay sane during these crazy times? Believe it or not, there are a few things that can make this easier for you.  

Remember, we’re all in this together. 

One of the unique things about the Coronavirus is that it has literally affected all of us in some way. No matter what fighting this pandemic has changed about your life, you are one of many. It is always more difficult to deal with things that others have not experienced or can’t relate to. While you might technically be alone at the moment, you are part of a much larger group that is going through this shared experience. This has affected the entire world in one way or another, so rest assured that you will not have a difficult time finding someone that will be able to relate to what you’re going through right now,

Keep in touch.

Social distancing and lockdown can leave people feeling very lonely. This is an excellent time to reach out and check-in with the people you care about. While isolation can start to feel like solitary confinement if you have been alone for long enough, a simple call or text message from a friend saying hello, asking if you’re doing ok, or recommending a TV show for you to binge-watch (now that you have the time), can make this isolation seem a lot less lonely. 

Look at the bright side…

Believe it or not, even the worst tragedies have some unintended positives. Finding anything good to focus on during hard times can be a challenge, but there are some good things happening. For example, the skies over Los Angeles, Mexico City, and other major cities have not been this smog-free in a long time.  During this crisis, carbon emissions are only a fraction of what they would normally be. Another good thing about people driving less is that gas prices are falling. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I even had to get gas...which is nice. Parents who were normally too busy at the office to spend time with their children are now working from home and actively participating in their kids’ lives, who are also stuck at home.

Whereas cities like Chicago are experiencing a sharp drop in crime right now. Of course, things can change and none of these positives will last forever, but these temporary gains are still significant.  Once things get back to normal and you’re stuck in traffic on your way home to see your family, you might look back on this strange period we’re living as a uniquely peaceful, crime-free, smog-free time, where you actually got to be home with your loved might even wonder why you were so eager for your life to go back to normal.   

This too shall pass.

No matter what your particular situation is, try to imagine something you might actually miss about all of this once the world goes back to normal, and try to enjoy it while you still can. Remember that while this lockdown might seem endless to you right now, it is ultimately a temporary measure and sacrifice we are all making that will end eventually. So, as you look forward to the day you will be able to go back and do all the things you once took for granted, don’t get anxious, just remember: this too shall pass.

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