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401(k) Resources

Freedom Forever is pleased to introduce a 401(k) contract to you, a valuable benefits program that will allow you to save for your retirement in a tax-efficient manner. Freedom Forever has selected John Hancock as your investment provider for your 401(k) contract. John Hancock serves over 58,000 companies and 2.8 million participants and is a widely recognized global financial services company.

Once you have decided, go to, click register now, then enter in your last name, social security number, and birthday. Then, enter the confirmation code below. It may also ask for a contract number, which is also provided here:

Contract number: 147046
Access/confirmation code: 599100

Please see all of our resources below to further assist you with your 401(k) decisions. 

Initial email announcement 

FAQ document

Video from John Hancock

Benefits of Participating

Retirement Planner

Inflation and Your Retirement Savings

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