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Spotlight: Green Initiatives at the Sacramento Branch

Freedom Forever’s Sacramento branch goes above and beyond to preserve our environment. Check out some of the different eco-friendly substitutions they have implemented to put our environment first. 

Compostable Dishware and Bamboo Cutlery

They have switched all of their utensils from plastic to bamboo, purchased compostable plates and cups, and recently ordered compostable coffee pods to replace the single use plastic coffee pods. We also switched to wood stirrers instead of plastic.

Reducing Plastic Use and Recycling 

All of the office staff at the Sacramento branch have their own mug and water glass to cut down on plastic or non-reusable cups. They also use the large pump creamer to avoid the individual plastic ones. Lastly, they recycle all of their cans and plastic!

"It is very important to us here in Sacramento that we are as green as possible to help protect the environment!" - Jordan Dillonsley

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