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How to build positive workplace relationships for greater team success

There is an old saying that goes “no man is an island”. That idea applies to any company with more than one employee. In any company setting, each employee has something to contribute that is based on their unique life experience, education, and training. Those contributions, when combined, can result in a sum that is greater than its parts. If you want to succeed in the workplace, it’s critically important to build and maintain positive relationships that contribute to effective teamwork. Here are some teamwork best practices that you can apply right away to start building a successful team and a successful career.

Author’s note: As a writer, I understand first hand how critical teamwork is to my success. A good writer becomes a great writer with the help of good editors! I am deeply grateful to everyone on my team that helps me bring my A-game to everything I write.

Positive workplace relationships build winning teams

A game can be won by the timely action of an individual. But winning an entire series takes a winning team. Success at work is just like winning a series, it takes many victories, every day, to make a company successful. A winning team is a team that works together naturally. Each member of the team is invested in every other member’s success. The attitude “if you win, we all win” is the basis of any team that works together naturally. One of Freedom Forever’s core values, servant leadership, is meant to embody the idea of “if you win, we all win.” True leaders lead by setting others up to win.

Acknowledge the success of the team

Acknowledgment is a great motivator! If you want to motivate others to feel invested in your success, you can do so by acknowledging their contributions to your work. Notice how I acknowledged the team members that work with me by providing editorial support in my author’s note. My editorial team contributes a lot to my work by ensuring that what I write is factually and legally accurate.

It benefits everyone on the team when you acknowledge the team’s contributions. A simple “We did it” is a powerful way of acknowledging the value of your teammate’s contributions. It also has another important benefit. It lets your team members know what they are doing right. Positive feedback lets your team know that their work is helpful to your work. 

Find occasions to celebrate

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is another old saying that contains a valuable lesson for building positive workplace relationships. Celebrating with your coworkers helps you to get to know them and helps them get to know you. Celebrating simple things like birthdays, project milestones, or the birth of a coworker’s child helps you bond with your teammates on a personal level. Those bonds bring your team together, and that togetherness will matter when team challenges arise.

Be considerate

One of the most effective ways to build lasting positive relationships is to be considerate of your teammates. If you share space with others, be considerate. Think about how much noise you make and how it could affect others. If you share kitchen space, avoid preparing foods that will give off strong odors, example never cook fish in the microwave! 

Do your best to meet deadlines if there are others who depend on them. It shows your coworkers that you are considerate when you take into account the impact of your work on their workflow. It also encourages your coworkers to be considerate of the impact of their work on your workflow.

Freedom Forever owes much of our success to teamwork

Did you know, Freedom Forever has made Inc. magazines’ top 500 fastest-growing company two years in a row? We did that by maintaining a phenomenal rate of growth. The foundation of our success has been the positive relationships that our team members have built between one another. When each and every one of us brings our unique skills and experiences to the table and embodies an honest desire to see each other succeed, we are able to accomplish some truly pretty amazing things! 

So take a moment to acknowledge a contribution one of your team members made to your success. Think about how you can set others up for success. Share in each other’s victories because those victories set all of us and Freedom Forever up to win, every day.

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